Frank Lloyd Wright’s Rowing Boathouse



About This Project

Project Type: Construction of unbuilt Frank Lloyd Wright design
Square Footage: 6,000 sq. ft.
Project Scope and Concept:

Originally designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1903, this project existed only on paper until 1999 when certain members of the West Side Rowing Club decided it would be an incredible asset for both the Club and the City of Buffalo. These club members formed a separate limited liability corporation and board dedicated to the purpose of constructing this building. After languishing for four years, HB Cornerstone was engaged in 2004 to assume the leadership responsibilities of moving the project forward. The design was managed closely with Frank Lloyd Wright’s last practicing apprentice, Mr. Anthony Putnam. The groundbreaking occurred in October 2006 and a grand opening of this truly unique facility occurred one year later. The building includes storage for up to 16 rowing shells, 160 sq. ft. of self-leveling rowing docks, a club room, observation decks, lockers and showers.

Services Provided:

Owners representative, New York state and private funding support, program and design development, contract negotiations, total budget and schedule development, design and management of all “other contracts,” municipal approvals, construction supervision, and quality control.

HB Cornerstone LLC is a full-service owner representation consulting firm. HB Cornerstone is not an architectural firm and thereby in accordance with New York state law, cannot provide architectural services. HB Cornerstone does not provide legal advice or legal services, and the protections of the client-lawyer relationship do not exist with respect to the services provided by HB Cornerstone.

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