Our Team

People of HB Cornerstone

Our professionals are owner representatives, design professionals, facilities managers, and building operations experts include:

Crowe, David_2015

Architect, facility manager and owner representative

David J. Crowe, AIA


Dave brings more than 30 years of experience as a licensed architect, project and facility manager to the table and is responsible for the planning, design and execution of multiple construction projects throughout New York State and Canada. His expertise includes master planning, “right to build” approvals, feasibility studies and site selection, space programming and  design, lease negotiation and administration, contract negotiations, budget and schedule development, value engineering, construction document production, construction supervision, move management, building operation and maintenance.

Emens, Matthew_2013

Project Manager

Matthew C. Emens, Associate AIA

Vice President, Senior Project Manager

Matthew is responsible for the design and management of all types of construction projects.  His responsibilities include preliminary client contact, conceptual design, design development, producing construction document drawings, bid phase coordination and construction administration. Also as a Project Manager, his responsibilities include the development of contract documents, development and monitoring of project schedules and budgets, processing submittals, maintaining project communication, and establishing and updating reports.


Owner representative and construction manager

Paul Gardner

Vice President, Senior Project Manager

Paul is a senior owner representative with 30 years of experience in construction projects that have included residential homebuilding, multi-family housing, historical restoration, commercial renovation, real estate development, and healthcare facilities. His responsibilities have included the management, coordination and control of all preconstruction, construction and post construction scheduling, budgeting, design, purchasing, architect, owner and municipal relations, scope development, and the overall owner expectations.

Bodensteiner, Mark_2015

Project Manager

Mark Bodensteiner

Project Manager

Mark brings hands on experience with heavy and light commercial construction involving banks, churches, offices, colleges, dormitories, daycare centers, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores; pre-engineered building structures such as air craft hangers, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses; and timber frame construction and standard wood frame construction involving custom residential homes, multiple housing, ski lodges, golf course club houses and skilled nursing facilities. Mark makes presentations to management, clients and local authorities for planning and zoning boards.


Project Manager

Sarah R. Zeitler

Project Manager

Sarah is a project manager at HB Cornerstone. She is responsible for management of all types of construction projects. Her responsibilities include construction administration, development of contract documents, development and monitoring of project schedules and budgets, processing of submittals, maintaining project communication, establishing and updating reports, and completing the overall owner expectations.


Owner's Representative

Matthew M. Stowell

Project Manager

Matt brings more than 10 years of experience as a project and facility manager, and has expertise in site selection, space programming and design, lease administration, construction supervision and move management.

Steinmetz, Michael_2013

Draftsman and project coordinator

Michael J. Steinmetz

Project Manager, CAD Manager

Michael is responsible for the production and management of construction drawings for all types of construction projects. His responsibilities include coordinating with architects, engineers, and outside project team members and professionals to ensure that all pertinent information is accurately captured in the construction documents. As a project coordinator, his responsibilities include the review of shop drawings and code compliance. He assists in the development and maintenance of budgets, schedules, and project communications.

Buffington, Rod_2016

Assistant Owner's Representative

Rod Buffington

Project Manager

Rod is a project manager with HB Cornerstone. He has expertise in furniture and equipment procurement, contract review, space planning and programming, lease administration, schedule and budget development, construction supervision and administration, and move management. He also has field supervisory experience in residential homebuilding and commercial renovation projects. Rod currently serves on the Gilda’s Club of Rochester Facilities Committee.


Project Coordinator

Kenneth Clark

Project Coordinator

Kenneth is a project coordinator responsible for design and documentation of all types of construction projects. His responsibilities include conceptual design, design development and producing construction document drawings. He generates construction documents using AutoCAD, Revit and other programs for a variety of architectural and telecommunications projects.  He also performs site investigations, as-built documentation & photography, written reports and provides quality communication with clients, professionals, and contractors.


Project Manager

Brian Olds

Project Manager

Brian is a project manager and owner’s representative. He is responsible for the management of various construction projects and ensuring the completion of projects meets owner’s expectations. HIs experience spans several industries including healthcare, office, retail and commercial real estate. In his role as a project manager/owner’s representative, his responsibilities include client communication, municipal relations, creation of project plans and reports, preconstruction services, construction supervision and administration, furniture and equipment procurement, contract review, schedule and budget development along with move management.


Project Manager

Elizabeth Wille

Project Manager

Liz is a project manager with a focus on interior design. Her experience includes interior design services for residential and commercial properties. Her responsibilities include design consultation, space planning, concept design, product selection and project management.


HB Cornerstone provides owner representation, planning and design services for organizations across numerous industries, including: